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Rep. Wylie’s Update: Three of my bills and a short survey

Dear friends and neighbors,

First of all, here’s to a great year for you and your families! May 2018 bring us joy, peace and prosperity.

As you know, the Legislative Session began this past Monday. We have 60 days to pass a supplemental budget, develop a mechanism to fully fund education to comply with the court’s mandate, and make sure we get a construction budget to the governor.  We are also looking at numerous issues that were not resolved last session, or that have come up during the interim.

In this first newsletter, I want to tell you briefly about three of my bills, and I also ask that you take a survey by clicking on the blue button below.

Limiting port contributions

State law limits campaign contributions from individual donors, businesses, and other organizations for port races that have over 200,000 registered voters in the district. Only Port of Seattle and Port of Tacoma currently meet that threshold. My bill, HB 2647 would impose these same limits – currently $2,000 per election cycle – to all port commissioner races in Washington state by removing the 200,000 voter threshold condition.

Completing transportation projects

A surge in trade, as well as a growing population, are increasing our state’s transportation needs. Large transportation projects that provide improvements in accessibility, freight mobility, and safety, as well as maximize economic development, are critical to Washington’s future. To ensure they get done timely, I introduced HB 2646 recognizing transportation projects of statewide significance and establishing a formal process to expedite their completion.

Simplifying city surplus property disposal

HB 2290 allows a city to dispose of any land, property, or equipment originally acquired for public utility purposes that is surplus to the city’s needs and is not required for providing continued public utility services without adopting a resolution or holding a public hearing if such property has an estimated value of fifty thousand dollars or less.

Effective Communication Survey

To truly represent your values in Olympia, I need to hear from you and I also want to make sure you have access to information on issues that are important to you. This means ensuring we have avenues that facilitate a dialogue between us, and keeping you updated on what I’m doing at the state Capitol. Would you take a moment to respond to this short survey and help me serve you better?

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Thank you for reading my newsletter. If you need additional information on my bills, or on any other legislative matters, please feel free to contact my office.


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