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45th District Town Hall & Other Legislative News

45th District Town Hall this weekend!

Please join me, along with Senator Manka Dhingra and Representative Larry Springer, at the 45th Legislative District Town Hall on Saturday, February 17, from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The town hall will be held at Lake Washington Institute of Technology, West Building, Room 404. The address is 11605 132nd Ave NE, Kirkland, WA.

We will give you an update on the current legislative session, hear what’s on your mind, and take your questions on issues that matter to you, such as education, healthcare, public safety, transportation, the environment, and the economy.

I hope you’ll join us!

Making small claims court more user friendly

Small claims courts offer a low-cost option to settle legal disputes without a lawyer. The current process in Washington state, however, is cumbersome and difficult to understand. When you get a judgment in small claims court there is often excessive paperwork and needless fees you have to pay in order to settle a case.

In order to make small claims court more efficient and a viable option again, I’m sponsoring House Bill 1196, which will simplify the process and make it easier to collect a judgment. The bill is now moving quickly through the legislative process.

Learn more about Washington’s small claims courts and how my bill will help streamline the process in this week’s GoodMinute.

Getting toxic chemicals out of food packaging

You may have never heard of perfluorinated chemicals, but you probably have them inside of you. That’s because almost 100 percent of the population – including newborn babies – have these toxic chemicals in their bodies. How did they get there? PFAS chemicals are found in things like fast food wrappers, microwave popcorn, butter wrappers, and muffin wrappers. They get into the food we eat, and that’s a problem because studies indicate these chemicals can cause health concerns ranging from cancer and developmental toxicity to the disruption of hormones. They’re also ending up in our environment, where they’re getting into water, fish and wildlife – even into our soil.

We know we can remove these chemicals from food packaging because it’s already happening. Many companies are already using alternatives. A bill (HB 2658) just passed by the House would place restrictions on the use of PFAS chemicals in food packaging beginning in 2022.

The American Public Health Association and over 200 scientists from 38 countries are calling for an end to the use of PFAS chemicals. It’s time our state listened and took this important step.

All best wishes,
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Roger Goodman
Representative, 45th District
Washington State Legislature