Washington State House Democrats


Statement by Reps. Beth Doglio, Laurie Dolan, and Sen. Sam Hunt on New Zealand attack

We are deeply saddened by the events that took place in Christchurch, New Zealand yesterday and  holding families who have lost loved ones in our hearts.

We are outraged that violent white supremacists have, once again, wreaked havoc on a community. (President Trump grotesquely denies the juxtaposition, just like he did with the Charlottesville tragedy.)

White nationalism is a rising threat around the world. In America, Muslim children are being bullied at an alarming rate. Bullying and racism creates trauma that people carry with them their entire lives.

We are actively working on legislation to protect the lives of immigrants, our faith communities, and communities of color as well as working on passing responsible gun legislation that will take dangerous firearms and accessories off our streets.

We STAND in solidarity with the Muslim community. The fear and hate needs to stop. We will continue to speak out against these atrocities and will work to strengthen our own laws so our communities of color and faith are protected from these heinous crimes.