Washington State House Democrats


Shield Law Clears House

OLYMPIA — Today, the Washington House of Representatives passed a landmark Shield Law to protect those who seek reproductive & gender-affirming care in the state. House Bill 1469, introduced by State Rep. Drew Hansen (D-Bainbridge Island), responds to states that have moved to criminalize or impose civil liability on those who pursue or provide care, including those who travel out of state. 

“We believe in reproductive freedom here in Washington State, and we will use every tool we have to protect people in Washington from the reach of anti-abortion laws in Texas and elsewhere,” said Hansen. “If other states want to be creative and aggressive in restricting abortion, we will be creative and aggressive in fighting back.”

HB 1469 will: 

  • Prohibit the issuance of out-of-state subpoenas seeking information related to abortion & reproductive health care services.  
  • Prohibit out-of-state criminal investigations & arrests seeking communication and other evidence related to abortion & reproductive health care services.  
  • Prohibit the Governor from extraditing any person for out-of-state charges regarding reproductive health care services.  
  • Provide a cause of action to recoup damages and other legal costs for hostile out-of-state lawsuits related to reproductive health care services.
  • Protect health care service providers from harassment for providing protected health care services. 

“In the face of attacks on abortion and gender affirming care across the country, it is critical that Washington state do all we can to protect patients and providers,” said Courtney Normand, Washington State Director, Planned Parenthood Alliance Advocates. “HB 1469 will help safeguard health care in Washington state, sending a clear message to patients from across the country: Washington will always support you, even if your home states will not.” 

HB 1469 is part of a comprehensive package of bills introduced by House & Senate Democrats this session in response to the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to upend decades of constitutional protections for reproductive care and abortion rights. The bill passed the House on a vote of 59 to 38. It now moves to the Senate for further consideration. 

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