Washington State House Democrats


House Passes Ryu’s State Broadband Map

OLYMPIA—Washington State Representative Cindy Ryu’s House Bill 1746 creates the Washington State broadband map, enabling a Washington State five-year action plan and a digital equity plan passed off the House Floor today. 

Building out infrastructure and creating a WA broadband map is timely because the federal government’s Broadband Equity Access and Deployment program will bring the state an expected 900 million dollars over the next five years. In conjunction with a digital equity plan and broadband map provided in HB 1746, these funds allow for a much-needed boost in Washington’s broadband expansion. 

“It’s a once-in-a-generation opportunity for us to build out the infrastructure needed to ensure access to families who have come to rely on broadband for school and work,” says Rep. Ryu of the 32nd Legislative District. 

HB 1746 addresses digital equity concerns for Washingtonians who lack access to adequate devices or affordable broadband service and will work to solve other limitations such as digital literacy, language, or other barriers.  

“There’s a lot of work to be done. Many public and private entities and businesses will be investing in what is a relatively new utility. Everyone wants broadband to be an affordable utility with dependable and equal access for all.”