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LEGISLATIVE NEWS: House Advances “Nothing About Us Without Us” Act

OLYMPIA – The Washington State House of Representatives has taken a significant step towards ensuring representation and meaningful participation in policymaking through the passage of House Bill 1541, also known as the “Nothing About Us Without Us” Act.

This act, championed by Representative Darya Farivar (D-North Seattle) and driven by the disability rights community, addresses the crucial need for including individuals with direct lived experience in shaping policies that directly impact them.

Under the bill, task forces, work groups, and advisory committees tackling issues affecting underrepresented populations must include at least three individuals with direct lived experience on that issue. The bill promotes engagement with a wider range of individuals within these communities, ensuring diverse voices are heard.

For those serving on task forces, work groups, and advisory committees, educational materials and toolkits will be created to support meaningful engagement of all participants. In addition, regular reports will assess the effectiveness of these inclusion efforts, leading to continuous improvement.

“Solutions are best when they center people affected by the issues,” said Rep. Farivar. “Policymakers need more input from people directly impacted by the issues we are trying to address.”

The House passed the bill today with strong bipartisan support demonstrating a commitment to inclusive and informed policymaking. House Bill 1541 now advances to the Senate for further consideration. Click here or below to learn more.