Washington State House Democrats


Octopuses in Washington to remain in their little hideaways beneath the waves, safe from farming. 

OLYMPIA – Legislation preventing the farming of Octopus in Washington State has been signed by the governor. Sponsored by Rep. Strom Peterson, D-Edmonds, House Bill 1153 prohibits the farming of octopus in Washington state. 

“Octopus farming hurts our environment and causes suffering for octopuses,” said Rep. Peterson, “and it is well past time to prohibit this callous practice.” 

Peterson continued with thoughts on what this means for cephalopods in Washington. 

“Octopuses should be able to shout and swim about the coral that lies beneath the waves,” Peterson continued. “They shouldn’t be confined to pens. There should be no one there to tell them what to do.” 

The policy goes into effect 90 days after the governor’s signature.