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Protections Against Fabricated Intimate Images Signed into Law

OLYMPIA – Washington took a significant step towards safeguarding residents from the harmful distribution of fabricated and sexually explicit intimate images and depictions today. House Bill 1999, sponsored by Rep. Tina Orwall (D-Des Moines), was signed into law, and addresses the growing concern of deepfakes and other forms of digitally altered content depicting minors in sexually explicit situations.

The legislation establishes comprehensive criminal offenses and civil remedies to combat this disturbing trend including:

  • Expanded Criminal Offenses: The bill expands existing criminal offenses to include creating, possessing, distributing, or viewing fabricated intimate images of minors engaged in sexual acts. Penalties for these offenses mirror those for distributing non-fabricated child pornography.
  • New Offense: Disclosing Fabricated Intimate Images: The legislation establishes a new offense specifically targeting individuals who knowingly disclose fabricated intimate images of others without their consent, causing harm to the depicted person.
  • Civil Cause of Action for Adults & Children: House Bill 1999 establishes a civil cause of action under the Uniform Civil Remedies for the Unauthorized Disclosure of Intimate Images Act (UCRUDIIA) for both adult and children impacted by the nonconsensual disclosure of fabricated intimate images. Importantly, the law clarifies that valid consent for such disclosure must be in writing.

“The online exploitation of intimate images has a devastating impact on individuals, ultimately leaving lasting scars” said Rep. Orwall. ” We have a responsibility to protect Washingtonians from this type of abuse in all forms. With this law, survivors of intimate and fabricated image-based violence have a path to justice and must no longer tolerate being harmed.”

The passage of House Bill 1999 demonstrates a strong bipartisan commitment to protecting vulnerable individuals in an increasingly digital world. House Bill 1999 passed the House unanimously on February 8th and the Senate unanimously on February 28th.

The signing of House Bill 1999 can be viewed here or by clicking the image below.