Week 7 Legislative Update

Friends and neighbors,

It’s forty-six days into the legislative session, and we’ve already achieved significant progress together. Over 275 bills have been passed, many with bipartisan support, addressing critical issues like housing affordability, childcare access, and the fentanyl crisis.

Rent stabilization will provide relief for struggling renters with predictable increases, longer notices, and safeguards against excessive hikes. Working parents will benefit from expanded childcare program eligibility, ensuring access to affordable and quality care. A comprehensive approach to combat the fentanyl crisis tackles the issue through education, prevention, treatment, and recovery initiatives. Cleaner air for children is on the horizon thanks to the transition to electric school buses. And increased access to energy efficiency programs empowers homeowners and businesses to save money and contribute to a greener future.

Average rent in Seattle is $2692 per month. Year over year increases amount to over $2800 a year. With rent stabilization, renters would save almost $800 a year.
Average rent in Seattle is $2692 per month. Year over year increases amount to over $2800 a year. With rent stabilization, renters would save almost $800 a year.

These achievements not only benefit our local communities but contribute to Washington’s status as a leading state in key areas. We rank among the top five for working parents and boast the safest schools in the nation. While challenges remain, these successes demonstrate our commitment to building a prosperous future for all Washingtonians.

Below is an update on some of the issues I’m working on!

Protecting Small Businesses & Consumers

Current antitrust violations carry a meager penalty, allowing corporations to exploit consumers and stifle competition. House Bill 2072, developed in collaboration with Attorney General Ferguson, seeks to deter harmful practices by tripling penalties for companies engaging in anti-competitive behavior. This will foster a fairer and more competitive economy for all. Learn more by clicking here or on the video above.

Supporting Successful Reentry:

Transitioning from state custody can be challenging, with obtaining an ID being a major hurdle. House Bill 2099 ensures everyone released from state care has a valid ID, facilitating access to housing, jobs, benefits, and other resources critical for rebuilding their lives. This promotes individual empowerment, stability, and reduces recidivism. Learn more here or in the video above.

Nothing About Us, Without Us

The “Nothing About Us Without Us” Act (HB 1541) empowers underrepresented groups by requiring task forces and committees to include individuals with direct lived experience. This bill, originally put forward by the disability community is now driven by a diverse intersectional coalition. HB 1541 ensures diverse perspectives inform policies that directly impact them. Learn more in my remarks “from the wings” of the House floor or by clicking on the this video.

Increasing Democratic Participation

I’m honored to support my colleague, Rep. Gregerson, in bolstering local democracy, enhancing voter turnout, and fostering equitable representation in communities across our state through House Bill 1932. Year after year the data shows that voters prefer to vote in even years, it is our duty to listen to our constituents and provide the option for local jurisdictions to move their elections. As the legislation continues to progress, I remain excited for Washington to realize the values of community empowerment more fully. Learn more here or by clicking the image above.

Stay In Touch

Rep. Farivar and intern – Feb. 15, 2024.

I’ve said it before and will say it again: our district is fortunate to have engaged citizens and community partners who actively participate in the public process! Just last week, I was honored to visit with my dear friend and Deputy Consulate General of Japan, Junichi Sumi. We have fifteen days left in this short-legislative session. If you will be in Olympia, please let me know. I would love to meet with you!

Please continue to share your thoughts on issues and legislation that matters most to you, follow me on Facebook, and stay tunes for upcoming events in our community. Thank you for all you do!

In service,

Darya Farivar

WA State Representative

46th Legislative District
Pronouns: she/her/hers