Farivar Bill Makes Reentry Easier for Released Individuals with State-Issued IDs 

OLYMPIA – Obtaining an ID might seem simple, but for individuals leaving state care or custody, it can be a major hurdle. Having an ID reduces recidivism by making it possible to secure employment, housing, social services, and more.  

To support successful reentry, the state Senate passed House Bill 2099 today. Introduced by Rep. Darya Farivar (D-North Seattle) and brought up by a constituent at a town hall, the legislation ensures that those who are in state custody greater than sixty days receive a valid state ID upon release. This ID is a critical tool in accessing housing, jobs, benefits, and other resources critical for rebuilding their lives. 

Ty Reed from the WA Statewide Reentry Council has firsthand experience trying to receive an ID following incarceration. In Senate committee, he shared that “the lack of a statewide ID is a systemic inequity upon release and increases the chance of homelessness.” 

“It’s not just about paperwork,” said Rep. Farivar. “It’s about empowering individuals and creating a path to stability and success. This bill gives people the tools they need to hit the ground running and build a stable future.” 

The legislation further empowers the Department of Licensing to work with the Washington State Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs to create a model policy for jails to assist people in obtaining state IDs. 

House Bill 2099 now heads to the House of Representatives for concurrence. Watch the Senate Transportation Committee hearing here or by clicking on the image below.