Remote Session 101: How you can be involved during the 2021 session

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s not safe to hold a normal session of the Legislature, so the House of Representatives will be holding most meetings and events remotely.

You can still watch all of those meetings, contact your lawmakers, and participate. For years, the House has added new methods of letting people from around the state get informed and involved.

Here are four ways:

  • Learn—The whole legislative process, from start to finish, is explained at
  • Watch—Go to for broadcasts of debates, votes, committee meetings, and other events in the House and Senate. There’s also an extensive archive of past events, if you couldn’t watch it live.
  • Research—To look up legislation by lawmaker or topic, visit
  • Testify—Holding a remote session does not mean you don’t get to have your say. We have a brand new system for you to submit remote testimony on any bill.

A more comprehensive guide is available from the non-partisan legislative website available here.

Infographic offering various ways Washingtonians can be involved with their legislature during the 2021 remote session. please refer to options on the Legislature’s Americans with Disabilities Act Information page.