Stonier: Health care, education, and jobs are focus for 2021 session

Vancouver lawmaker re-elected as Floor Leader in the House of Representatives

OLYMPIA—Rep. Monica Stonier (D-Vancouver) said she’ll use her position in leadership at the House of Representatives to put people first.

“This pandemic has been tough on our families, schools, and businesses,” said Stonier, re-elected as Floor Leader by her fellow Democratic lawmakers in the House of Representatives. “As an educator and working mom, I know what so many people are going through. This session, I’m focused on fighting for ways we can finish the war against this virus and reopen our schools, colleges, restaurants, and other local businesses.”

Stonier was also picked to serve on the Appropriations Committee citing her commitment to ensuring more predictable funding for schools as they recover from the pandemic, and she will continue to serve on the Education and Health Care and Wellness Committee.

“Our greatest challenges in 2021 will be in those three committees,” Stonier said. “Our state budget needs to prioritize the needs of working families and the middle class, to help everyone who’s worked hard and sacrificed to get through this pandemic. The Education Committee will wrestle with how to recover and reopen our public schools. And finally, we have to strengthen our public health system to better protect our families and economy from infectious diseases like COVID-19.”

The 2021 session of the Legislature will be different, with the House choosing that the safest option is a remote session until the virus is vanquished. Committee meetings, floor debate, and votes will all be done remotely.

“Your participation is vital and in many ways will be easier with remote and online options for weighing in,” Stonier said. “Please keep in touch by email and phone. I’d love to know what ideas you have to solve our common problems and to hear your family’s story. We won’t agree on every issue—but I will always listen to you, and work with any partner trying to make a difference here in the 49th District.”

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