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Rep. Morris’ attempt to protect personal privacy from airborne voyeurs making news — again

Last February, the House gave an overwhelmingly bipartisan thumbs-up to Rep. Jeff Morris‘ HB 2178, a bill that would have made it a crime to invade an individual’s presumably private space with camera-equipped airborne drones.  Buoyed by that 92-6 House vote and widespread public support, the bill sailed over to the Republican-controlled Senate for consideration . . . and like so many other House bills, became a victim of that chamber’s inaction. Fast-forward a few months, and HB 2178 is … Continue reading

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Washingtonians hurt by the I-5 Skagit Bridge collapse can get help

When the I-5 Bridge over the Skagit River collapsed last year it caused damage, destruction, loss of business and heartache to local residents. In accordance with Washington state law, drivers here are liable for damage they cause to a bridge along a state highway. Both the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) as well as individuals have brought suit against the trucking company responsible, yet none have been successful. The insurance company continues to deny responsibility for any damage. WSDOT … Continue reading

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Governor signs Morris bill to foster telecommunications development

The state’s telecommunications industry will be poised to supply the burgeoning demands for service with new job-creation legislation sponsored by Rep. Jeff Morris (D-Mount Vernon). House Bill 2175, which Governor Inslee signed this morning, streamlines permit requirements for cellphone and wireless service expansion, with a focus on the scaled-down cell antennas and equipment installations that play an increasing role in telecommunications networks. The intent is to eliminate barriers that keep money from investment in the state telecommunications infrastructure. “The explosion … Continue reading

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Morris bill for third new ferry signed by governor

Governor Inslee signed House Bill 1129 this morning to update the state’s aging ferry fleet with a new ship. The addition will improve transportation, reduce costs of operation and sustain hundreds of shipyard jobs. “This is a win for the entire state,” said Rep. Jeff Morris (D-Mount Vernon), the sole sponsor of the legislation. “Ferries support tourism, transportation efficiency and commerce. This is a bill that benefits every taxpayer.” The state’s ferry fleet—the largest in the nation—includes some boats that … Continue reading

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Rep. Morris’ bills to spur economic development win House OK

The state’s economy will be poised to catch the surging waves of growth in the natural gas and telecommunications industries under two job-creation proposals by Rep. Jeff Morris that won unanimous approval today in the state House.  “We’re on the verge of a Second Industrial Revolution here in North America, fueled by the abundance and low cost of our natural gas resources,” said Morris, chair of the House Technology and Economic Development Committee. “We need to make sure that we … Continue reading

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