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Rep. Springer proves government does work!

John Bagge is a caterer from Kirkland.  He works big events, sometimes two or three days in length.  And as a caterer John isn’t allowed to provide alcohol.  He came to his State Representative, Larry Springer, a fellow small business owner.  Springer thought this current situation seemed unfair and set about to make a change. Last night, in a 44-4 vote, the Senate followed the House in passing HB 2680, allowing caterers to provide alcohol at events. “One of the … Continue reading

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45th District lawmakers to host town-hall meeting in Kirkland

Members of Washington’s 45th Legislative District delegation will host a town-hall meeting on Saturday, February 22, in Kirkland. State Sen. Andy Hill and Reps. Larry Springer and Roger Goodman will be on hand to provide updates on the 2014 session, which is currently underway, and answer questions from residents about a variety of state issues of importance to the community. The event will be held from 10 to 11:30 a.m. at the Lake Washington Institute of Technology, located at 11605 … Continue reading

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Are you saving for retirement?

This week, at the public hearing for HB 2474, the retirement savings bill, Rep. Springer said, “It’s safe to say this is a bold undertaking, but to deal with a looming financial crisis, we must have a bold solution.  There are 38 million Americans who retire with no money saved for retirement. Where do we think these Americans will be at age 75 or 80 when they run out of savings?  At government’s doorstep needing public assistance.” HB 2474 would … Continue reading

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Children’s Day!

Children’s Day is one of the most fun days of the legislative session! Children, nieces, nephews and grandchildren of representatives and staff are welcome on the House Floor for a special day. Rep. Springer’s grand babies, (by way of his first Legislative Assistant, Amy Ockerlander) came to visit on Children’s Day. These adorable 15 month old twins sure keep Rep. Springer and his wife, Penny, on their toes!

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Rep. Springer is open for the people’s business!

Yesterday, the 2014 legislative session began.  Today, Rep. Springer held his first business stakeholder meeting of the session! Each week, Rep. Springer brings together a wide variety of stakeholders, from the grocer’s association, to the agriculture community to the health insurance industry.  It is an informal, conversational, open forum.  Advocates bring their questions, comments and concerns. He, and other members of the caucus listen and respond to their questions. The Representatives love it because they don’t need to schedule 25 … Continue reading

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