OLYMPIA – The Washington State House of Representatives passed a measure authored by Rep. Drew Hansen (D-Bainbridge Island) that would provide greater privacy protections for internet users’ personal information. The bill, which passed with robust bipartisan majority, was drafted in response to a recent action by Congress blocking rules that would have prevented internet service providers (ISP) from using personal data for marketing.

“Your internet service provider should not be able to use your private information like your browsing or search history to market to you without your consent,” said Hansen.  “This bill protects your personal information so that your broadband service provider can’t sell it to third parties unless you give them permission.”

The bill would create new internet privacy protections enforceable under the Washington Consumer Protection Act. The measure prevents ISPs from:

  • Selling or transferring your personal data without your opt-in consent, and
  • Sending or displaying ads based on your personal data without your opt-in consent

“We have a long bipartisan tradition of protecting privacy in this state,” said Hansen.  “If Congress will not act to protect our privacy, then Washington state absolutely will.”

The measure will now head to the Senate for further consideration.

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