HDC Staff

Mailing address for all HDC staff: PO Box 40600 Olympia, WA 98504-0600

Senior and Coordinating Staff

Jamila Thomas 360-786-7757 Chief of Staff
Cathy Maynard 360-786-7905 Speaker’s Attorney
Mary Kenfield 360-786-1672 Policy Director
Jim Richards 360-786-7206 Communications Director
Orlando Cano 360-786-7352 Senior Advisor to Speaker of the House
Amy Ruble 360-786-7222 Legislative Operations Manager
Rachel Smith 360-786-7181 Resource Coordinator


Policy Staff

K.D. Chapman-See 360-786-7184 Deputy Policy Director Agriculture and Natural Resources; Finance
Orlando Cano 360-786-7352 Senior Advisor to Speaker of the House Community Development, Housing and Tribal Affairs
Debbie Driver 360-786-7201 Policy Analyst Transportation; Technology and Economic Development
Rashi Gupta 360-786-7214 Policy Analyst Health Care and Wellness; Commerce & Gaming
Quinn Majeski 360-786-7225 Policy Analyst Business & Financial Services
Yona Makowski 360-786-7219 Senior Fiscal Coordinator Appropriations
Alec Osenbach 360-786-7237 Policy Analyst Capital Budget; Environment
Suchi Sharma 360-786-7631 Policy Counsel Judiciary;
Labor & Workforce Development
Chris Thompson 360-786-7282 Policy Analyst Higher Education; Local Government
Estakio Beltran Senior Policy Analyst General Government & Information Technology; Early Learning and Human Services


Communications Staff

Andy McVicar 360-786-7215 Deputy Communications Director Appropriations, Education
Guy Bergstrom 360-786-7811 Message Coordinator Capital Budget, Finance
Dan Frizzell 360-786-7208 Broadcast Coordinator
Community Development, Housing, Tribal Affairs
Quinn Majeski 360-786-7225 Communications Specialist Transportation
Lilia Nieto 360-786-7375 Sr. Communications Specialist Agriculture, Natural Resources, Labor & Workforce Development
Jamie Nixon 360-786-7202 Communications Specialist Environment, Higher Education
Max Patashnik 360-786-7218 Communications Specialist Early Learning, Human Services, Judiciary, Public Safety
Travis Shofner 360-786-7224 Communications Specialist Health Care & Wellness, Commerce & Gaming
Jack Sorensen 360-786-7323 Communications Specialist Technology & Economic Development, Finance, State Government