Rep. Jeff Morris will work to improve environmental protection in Washington state as the newly named member of a federal advisory committee.

Morris, a longtime leader on environmental issues, was appointed to the Local Government Advisory Committee by federal Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson. The committee works to develop stronger partnerships with local governments and to boost the ability of state and local agencies to deliver environmental services and programs.

Morris, D-Mount Vernon, will have the chance to provide feedback from Washington state to the committee, including raising concerns in the current controversy over possible coal trains. He will travel to Washington, D.C. this month for the committee’s first meeting of this appointment term.

The committee makes recommendations to the EPA on regulatory innovation and reform, environmental protection tools, pollution prevention, new technologies, performance measurement and appropriate roles of the various governmental levels in efficient and coordinated environmental management.

The LGAC includes locally elected and appointed officials such as mayors, county executives, city managers, commissioners and others who represent key interests in local governments.

This is an uncompensated position and all information will be available to the public.

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