Sen. Nick Harper, D-Everett

“Protecting jobs in this region is our No. 1 priority. If Snohomish County and its workers emerge better off, then the sale seems prudent.

“Kimberly-Clark prides itself on doing right by its workers. At this point, we have no reason to believe otherwise.

“We have been assured this was purely a business decision, and not anything state and local government did or failed to do.

“We’re taking a wait-and-see approach for now.”

Rep. John McCoy, D-Tulalip

“Kimberly-Clark has assured us they are trying to find a suitable buyer for the plant. You better believe we will hold them to their word.

“This news only strengthens our resolve to move our economy toward aerospace, biotech and clean technology. With such a diverse economy, our neighborhoods and towns can weather these unfortunate market changes.

“Our manufacturing businesses employ more residents in Snohomish County than any other set of industries. Unfortunately, this sector is sensitive to conditions in the global economy.”

Rep. Mike Sells, D-Everett

“This announcement doesn’t exactly come at us from out-of-the-blue. There have been rumors of a sale ever since Kimberly-Clark purchased Scott Paper back in 1995.

“The company is actually closing mills elsewhere, but fortunately that’s not the case with the Everett mill. They’re looking for a buyer, and frankly, they have some very good leads. It makes a lot more economic sense to them to sell the plant, rather than shut it down.

“The Everett mill has been a staple in our region since the 1930s. We will do everything we can at the state level to ensure that these manufacturing jobs remain in our community.”

Washington State House Democrats

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