Snohomish County legislators say economy,

efficiency are highlighted in 2011-2013 highway plan

OLYMPIA – The Democratic transportation-budget proposal moving through the House of Representatives right now, according to two Snohomish County lawmakers, is essential in making headway toward:

(1) Creating reliable jobs for Washington’s citizens.

(2) Building durable networks for Washington’s infrastructures.

(3) Maintaining dependable connections for Washington’s communities.

Included in the overall budget proposal is a $28.1 million package of 38th Legislative District projects promoting highway safety and maintenance. State Reps. John McCoy and Mike Sells today said that the package represents a very well-timed safety and economic boost for their legislative district.

McCoy said that the transportation budget “has real potential for being a terrific shot in the arm in terms of economic-development for our citizens, families and businesses.

“What we’re looking at here is the very real possibility for great economic news – whether it’s improving the intersection in the Getchell Road area of SR 9 and 84th St. Northeast, or replacing the SR 529/Ebey Slough Bridge, or any one of the other projects on the Snohomish County transportation list,” McCoy noted.

“These projects are an important part of our mission continuing to build our local economy, and getting people back to work,” Sells said. “I’m pleased that we’re using what resources we have to make sure our roads and highways move people, goods and services effectively and efficiently.”

The Democratic transportation budget could be voted out of the House tomorrow (Friday, March 25, 2011), and McCoy and Sells pointed out that the proposal advances their theme of “Working for One Washington.”

The two Snohomish County legislators and other lawmakers must write a new state operating budget, on top of crafting this new transportation budget, in the next month before the late-April deadline for finishing the 2011 legislative session. They said the 2011-2013 operating budget must emphasize:

(1) Strong schools and sturdy jobs.

(2) Strong families and sturdy neighborhoods.

(3) Strong government efficiencies and sturdy public works.

(4) Strong environmental protections and sturdy resource managements.

Here’s a general list of the 38th Legislative District projects included in the proposed 2011-2013 transportation budget:


For detailed lists, including a county-by-county list, of transportation projects that are funded in the 2011-2013 transportation budget proposed by the House Democratic Caucus, please go to this Washington State Department of Transportation projects website.



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