OLYMPIA – Rep. Troy Kelley’s (D-Tacoma) continued efforts to cut costs and the number of dangerous felons entering Washington state paid off.


Today, Kelley’s House Bill 1438 was signed into law, enforcing swift action to address the inequitable distribution of costs, benefits and obligations affecting Washington under the Interstate Compact for Adult Offender Supervision.  The new law requires that a resolution to address these issues must be sought at the next meeting of the Interstate Commission.

“Washington state cannot continue to pick up the tab for the disproportionate number of felons entering our state, nor can we afford to endure the additional threat to our safety,” Kelley said.

Washington currently imports nearly three times the number of offenders it exports; additional costs of those offenders fall on the state.

Kelley sponsored similar legislation last year following the tragic November 2009 Lakewood officer shootings. The shooter in that incident was originally pardoned by former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee.

For more information on House Bill 1438, please click here.

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