So, what does this new Green Century have in store for us in the world of power? No, not economic or political power. We’re talking energy power – the kind of power you need to run stuff, to produce widgets, and to make things happen. The power that keeps people working, keeps society humming, and keeps the wheels of commerce rotating.

Want to get the scoop on the latest goings-on in the powerful world of energy? Set aside an hour or two Saturday afternoon, March 19, for state Rep. John McCoy’s “Green Workers Keep the Evergreen State Working” Summit in Monroe. McCoy’s Town Hall will power up at 1 and run till around 4 at the Qualco Bio-Gas Energy Facility, which is located at 18117 SE 203rd Street. Folks on hand for the afternoon’s events will no doubt enjoy hearing from representatives of – not to mention viewing informational booths provided bySnohomish County Public Utility District No. 1, as well as Silicon Energy, Sunergy Systems, The Light Doctor, Puget Sound Energy (tentative), and, of course, Qualco Energy.

McCoy, who chairs the House Technology, Energy & Communications Committee, has also invited other legislators from around the region to join the Qualco tour and other educational activities. McCoy will talk about the 21st century economy and he’ll review what’s up in the Legislature as far as fuel for economic development is concerned.

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