House Majority Leader Pat Sullivan (D-Covington) introduced a bill today to help bring additional education opportunities to underserved areas and students.

HB 1795 would give more flexibility to the process that allows schools to use a portion of Learning Assistance Program (LAP) money to contract with community organizations to provide after-school and summer education programs. It would also require that parents be involved in the service provided.

Currently, the Superintendent of Public Instruction’s office must approve such contracts. Sullivan’s bill would also streamline the process by eliminating that extra step. The bill specifies reporting requirements to OSPI to ensure the money is being used efficiently.

“Local school officials know best how to use discretionary funds to educate their students,” Sullivan said. “My bill would require the funds be used on services that reflect the needs of each specific community.”

For example, Sullivan said “summer learning loss” – when students forget some of what they learned the school year before – can be reduced by summer school programs, thereby reducing the “opportunity gap” that occurs in many communities.

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