Rep. Gerry Pollet

Seattle schools: Bipartisan House design to address lower class sizes will alleviate severe Seattle-schools overcrowding

February 26, 2014

Rep. Gerry Pollet

Bipartisan school-construction legislation introduced in the state House of Representatives today will go a long way toward relieving severe overcrowding in Seattle schools, and meet our obligations to provide lower class sizes, according to state Rep. Gerry Pollet, who is a co-sponsor for House Bill 2797. The legislation authorizes the sale of $700 million in bonds to pay both for building new, full-day kindergarten classrooms and for reducing class sizes in kindergarten through third grade. Seattle Public Schools officials estimate … Continue reading

Opportunity for higher education for all citizens

February 21, 2014

Rep. Gerry Pollet

Fair’s fair. All Washington residents willing to work for a good education should have a fair and equal opportunity to earn it — regardless of their income, race, ethnicity, or where they live. Legislation (House Bill 2626) passed, 87-10, by the state House of Representatives is aimed at emphasizing that principle in official Washington policy. State Rep. Gerry Pollet is a co-sponsor for the measure. He’s also the vice chair of the House Higher Education Committee in which the bill … Continue reading

46th District Tele-Town Hall meeting Feb. 25

February 19, 2014

Rep. Gerry Pollet and Rep. Jessyn Farrell

MEDIA ADVISORY FROM THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES Wednesday, Feb. 19, 2014 Who:  State Rep. Gerry Pollet, state Rep. Jessyn Farrell, and state Sen. David Frockt — 46th Legislative District Democratic lawmakers. What: Tele-Town Hall for citizens who live in the 46th Legislative District, which includes neighborhoods of North Seattle and Northeast Seattle, as well as Kenmore and Lake Forest Park. When: 6 p.m. to 7 p.m., Tuesday night, Feb. 25, 2014. Where: Seattle and Olympia. Shortly before 6 o’clock that … Continue reading

House passes bill promoting open-government training

February 13, 2014

Rep. Gerry Pollet

State Rep. Gerry Pollet led support when the House recently passed Attorney General Bob Ferguson’s request-legislation (House Bill 2121), 64-34, that would require open-government training for public officials to improve government transparency and reduce lawsuits. “Our citizens have a right to a government that takes its responsibility toward public-openness very seriously,” said Pollet, D-Seattle (46th Legislative District). “Public officials and agency public-records officers must not violate the law and deny the public our right to see government operate in the … Continue reading

Open Government Caucus launches its agenda

February 3, 2014

Washington House Democrats

Open Government Caucus launches its agenda

The bipartisan Open Government Caucus (OGC), led by a Seattle Democrat and an East Wenatchee Republican, hit the ground running at its first meeting this week. The caucus is co-chaired by Rep. Gerry Pollet, the Democrat, and Rep. Brad Hawkins, the Republican. They want to breathe new life into the work toward transparency and accountability on the part of elected officials and government staff. Headlining the meeting was a Legislative Evaluation and Accountability Program Committee (LEAP) staff presentation about their … Continue reading

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The bipartisan Open Government Caucus (OGC), led by a Seattle Democrat and an East Wenatchee Republican, hit the ground running at its first meeting this week.


2012 Legislative Report


Representatives Gerry Pollet and Jessyn Farrell, and Senator David Frockt on a recent Saturday morning joined many dozens of 46th Legislative District citizens in a Town Hall at North Seattle Community College. We engaged in a number of discussions about issues and concerns challenging our own and other neighborhoods all across Washington.