Rep. Hans Dunshee

Election-year freeze

May 30, 2014

Rep. Hans Dunshee

Thank you for visiting my website. When election-year restrictions are in place, lawmakers who are up for re-election must limit outreach and external communications, including not sending out email updates after April 12, and not posting new content after June 30. You still can reach my office regarding legislative issues, questions, ideas and concerns. Even though this legislative website will be frozen until after the election, you can still get useful information about legislative issues: Sign up here for the … Continue reading

Dunshee bill would put $700 million toward building schools

February 27, 2014

Rep. Hans Dunshee

Dunshee bill would put $700 million toward building schools

Here’s more about the bipartisan Dunshee-MacEwen legislation, House Bill 2797. Front-page story in The News Tribune by Brad Shannon: State lawmakers consider borrowing against Lottery to build schools Radio story on Dunshee-MacEwen plan to build schools: State House announces $700-million bipartisan school-construction plan Capitol Record: Lottery money would back $700M bonds for school construction in House proposal HDC Advance: Just now: Capital budget committee unanimously passes school construction plan Dunshee-MacEwen release on school construction plan: Bipartisan school construction initiative introduced … Continue reading

Dunshee listens to student ideas for reforms

January 28, 2014

Rep. Hans Dunshee

Dunshee listens to student ideas for reforms

Every year, Snohomish High school students come to Olympia and meet with lawmakers to discuss legislation. “They spend a lot of time and energy to research their ideas,” said Rep. Hans Dunshee (D-Snohomish), who met with many of the students. “I’m always impressed by how much they’ve thought about these issues.” The student don’t simply have suggestions. They come to Olympia with actual pieces of legislation that they’ve researched, then drafted into legislation. Here’s a sample of the legislation proposed … Continue reading

All citizens invited to Rep. Dunshee’s telephone town hall on Nov. 25

November 21, 2013

Rep. Hans Dunshee

A conversation about creating jobs, protecting our environment and improving education Rep. Hans Dunshee is inviting the citizens of the 44th Legislative District to a town hall meeting via telephone so interested people can ask questions, share ideas or comment on issues of the day. “There’s no replacement to hearing from my friends and neighbors,” Dunshee said. “Whenever I hold a town hall—in a room with fifty people or on the telephone with the whole 44th district—I learn a lot. … Continue reading

Ro/Ro is a Go Go!

July 31, 2013

Washington House Democrats

Ro/Ro is a Go Go!

Thanks to the efforts of Reps. Hans Dunshee, Mike Sells, and John McCoy, the Port of Everett will receive a $1.5 million grant from the state to complete its roll-on/roll-off (Ro/Ro) facility. Among other roles, the Ro/Ro facility is a key part of the Boeing 777 assembly process allowing the aerospace company to meet their shipping needs. MyEverettNews has more: Ro/Ro capabilities are critical to maintaining the Port of Everett’s ability to meet the shipping needs of the local aerospace … Continue reading

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