Rep. Kevin Van De Wege

Legislature approves Rep. Van De Wege legislation to improve how investigators handle sexual misconduct victims

April 17, 2015

Rep. Kevin Van De Wege

OLYMPIA – When someone is a victim of sexual misconduct or abuse, they require care from health professionals. When the abuse or misconduct comes from a health professional, that care is far more complex and requires very specialized handling in order to be successful. Thanks to HB 1779 authored by Representative Kevin Van De Wege, D-Sequim, victims will have better care from those assigned to investigate the crimes. Currently, health care investigators do not have specialized training in how to deal … Continue reading

House Passes Rep. Van De Wege Bill Banning Toxic Flame Retardants from Furniture Children’s Products

March 5, 2015

Rep. Kevin Van De Wege

OLYMPIA – Every day our families are breathing in unnecessary toxic flame retardants that come from our furniture and children’s products. These chemicals are not needed for fire safety, yet they are widely used in our homes. Many of them are linked to serious health problems including cancer and learning disorders. Rep. Kevin Van De Wege introduced HB 1174, the Toxic-Free Kids and Families Act which bans 5 toxic flame retardants in furniture and children’s products. It also gives the agencies in our state charged with protecting human health and the environment the … Continue reading

Rep. Van De Wege’s “Ticket Bot” legislation passes House

February 16, 2015

Rep. Kevin Van De Wege

Rep. Van De Wege’s “Ticket Bot” legislation passes House

OLYMPIA—Legislation sponsored by State Rep. Kevin Van De Wege, D-Sequim, passed the Washington House of Representatives unanimously today with a vote of 98-0 in favor, and will be sent to the State Senate for its consideration. “Today, the House stood up to companies that unfairly drive up the cost of tickets to events in Washington state,” said Van De Wege. “We are for fair competition and fair practices that don’t abuse the system. This is a big win for consumers … Continue reading

Legislator taking on unscrupulous companies that target live music venues

February 6, 2015

Rep. Kevin Van De Wege

Bill would regulate music licensing agents that license performing artists OLYMPIA—In an effort to reign in music licensing companies that have targeted music venues in Clallam and Jefferson Counties, Rep. Kevin Van De Wege (D-Sequim) has introduced HB 1763. The legislation takes aim at the companies who own copyrights on music and arbitrarily levies heavy fees against venues that allow ‘cover bands’ to perform. The issue was brought to Rep. Van De Wege by Dale Dunning, the owner of The … Continue reading

Rep. Van De Wege proposes tax credit for composite manufacturing businesses

January 29, 2015

Rep. Kevin Van De Wege

OLYMPIA—State Rep. Kevin Van De Wege (D-Sequim) announced today new legislation that gives a tax credit to new businesses in the Composite Manufacturing sector. HB 1764 provides for a 60 percent reduction of the standard Business and Operating Taxfor manufacturers and processors of carbon fiber, carbon fiber composites, or carbon fiber products. The measure would expire in 2020 unless extended by the Legislature. “The composite manufacturing sector is rapidly expanding in Washington, bringing good, family wage jobs to the 24th Legislative … Continue reading

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Rep. Van De Wege talks to Blue Heron Middle School kids
Rep. Van De Wege and Blue Heron Middle School kids
Rep Kevin Van De Wege and Rep Steve Tharinger talks with kids from Blue Heron Middle School