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Rep. Appleton retains chairmanship of House Community Development, Housing & Tribal Affairs Committee

December 17, 2014

Washington House Democrats

Once again, State Rep. Sherry Appleton (D-23rd, Poulsbo) has been tapped by her colleagues to chair the House committee on Community Development, Housing & Tribal Affairs.  The panel is charged with considering issues relating to, among other things, community development, veteran-related legislation, tourism and the government-to-government relationship of the state and Indian tribes. The committee also considers bills relating to housing, including the accessibility and affordability of housing, state assistance to low-income housing, housing authorities, and the Housing Finance Commission. … Continue reading

Rep. Appleton on passage of the veterans’ tuition bill:

March 18, 2014

Rep. Sherry Appleton

“Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Anytime you hear those words, you know the subject at hand is America. This great nation enjoys rights and freedoms that much of the world can only dream of. The credit for this, throughout history, belongs to our veterans.  This legislation is just a tiny token of the appreciation we owe our veterans and their families – a tiny, but important token. “I’ve been working on this legislation for nearly two years, but … Continue reading

Appleton’s bill giving veterans, military members and their families resident-tuition rates passes House

February 12, 2014

Washington House Democrats

Appleton’s bill giving veterans, military members and their families resident-tuition rates passes House

Members of the military are among the most mobile members of American society, moving where they’re needed, when they’re needed.  One side effect of this government-directed nomadic lifestyle is that it can be difficult, if not impossible, for service members and their families to stay in one state long enough to qualify for the reduced college and university tuition rates granted to “residents.” That’s likely to change in Washington, thanks to legislation sponsored by state Rep. Sherry Appleton (D-Poulsbo), whose … Continue reading

Gov. Inslee announces moratorium on executions

February 11, 2014

Rep. Sherry Appleton

I applaud Gov. Jay Inslee’s decision that Washington state will carry out no executions during his term as governor.  As a legislator, and as a citizen, two of my primary concerns are public safety and the most efficient and effective use of state revenue, most of which is provided by Washington taxpayers. After many years of work in the legal system, with and for attorneys, and in local and state government as an elected official, I am a big believer … Continue reading

Rep. Appleton: Ban bad dogs, not “bad” breeds

January 17, 2014

Washington House Democrats

It’s not often a state lawmaker can introduce a bill and point to the support of the American Bar Association, the American Veterinary Medical Association, the Centers for Disease Contol, and the President of the United States . . . but Thursday, Representative Sherry Appleton (D-23rd, Poulsbo) was able to do just that. The legislation in question would stop local governments from branding entire breeds of dogs as killers and banning them from their jurisdictions. It’s a growing practice, and … Continue reading

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