Rep. Steve Bergquist

Transportation package includes funding for mass transit, bike lanes and walking paths

September 22, 2015

Rep. Steve Bergquist

Even if you take the bus, the train or bike to work, the gridlock on I-405, I-167 and I-5 affects decisions we make every day. Countless working moms and dads get up at 5 in the morning in order to get their kids to child care and be at work on time. We can do better. This year, we worked with Republicans, Democrats and people from around Washington state to unite behind a $16.1 billion transportation package. It’s not the … Continue reading

Transportation package means big projects, big improvements and new construction jobs

September 22, 2015

Rep. Steve Bergquist

The new 16-year transportation package means 100,000 jobs in Washington state, including many jobs and projects here in the 11th District. Our local mega-project is $1.225 billion for the I-405 and I-167 interchange and corridor improvements, including widening from Renton to Lynnwood. Another important local project is $7 million to start land acquisition and engineering work for an overpass over the train tracks at South Lander Street. This will reduce delays for drivers who get stuck whenever a train passes … Continue reading

Good news for higher education in Washington state

August 31, 2015

Rep. Steve Bergquist

Cutting tuition for all students Years ago, college students worked every summer to save up for that year’s tuition. You can’t do that anymore. Your average college student could work a full-time job, all year, and not have enough to cover tuition, room and board. This is why most students who drop out of college before getting their degree aren’t failing academically. They’re struggling financially. It doesn’t have to be this way. Our state’s economy runs on brainpower and depends … Continue reading

New budgets will bring needed construction projects and jobs to 11th District

July 13, 2015

Rep. Steve Bergquist

OLYMPIA—The $3.9 billion state construction budget and $16 billion transportation plan will bring much-needed improvements and jobs to the 11th Legislative District. “I am proud to get funding for the Sunset Neighborhood Park in the Renton highlands, which will be the centerpiece of renovation for this area,” Sen. Bob Hasegawa, D-Beacon Hill, said. “I am also pleased that we were able to secure over a billion dollars to ensure long overdue work is completed for I-405 though Renton and the … Continue reading

Rep. Bergquist: Open, honest government, because citizens deserve the truth

June 3, 2015

Rep. Bergquist

As a citizen and a voter, you deserve to know who’s really paying for campaign ads. That’s why I wrote House Bill 2256, which would toughen up the requirements and close loopholes that let wealthy special interests dump money into campaign without citizens being the wiser. Often, they’re using nonprofit organizations to funnel all this money. This reform would do three major things: Require nonprofit organizations to report political contributions and expenditures totaling over $25,000 to the state’s Public Disclosure … Continue reading

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April 22 – Rep. Steve Bergquist talks with three high school students on what it’s like to be a legislative page in the House of Representatives. If you know a 14-16 year-old student interested in serving as a page, they should contact their local lawmakers or visit the Legislative Page website.
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