Rep. Steve Tharinger

Rep. Tharinger Praises Budget that Expands Higher Education in Region

June 29, 2015

Rep. Steve Tharinger

OLYMPIA – The final budget agreed by the Legislature today enacts major priorities in the district pushed by Representative Steve Tharinger (D-Dungeness) including a reduced tuition rate for statewide universities and community colleges, expanded degrees in engineering and in cybersecurity at Peninsula College, and expanded computer science education statewide. “In our region, these four-year degrees will help fill open jobs in electrical engineering, computer science, and cybersecurity,” said Rep. Tharinger. “I want to thank my colleagues in the House for … Continue reading

The Reality of Life Conflicts with Budgeting Myths

June 12, 2015

Rep. Steve Tharinger

We as Democrats are working hard during these budget negotiations to provide dependable funding for the basic needs of the state for today and the future.  Gimmicks, smoke and mirrors do not serve the long term needs of the people of our state. No one likes to pay taxes. As a legislator, if I could promise something for nothing and fund all the things we need as a state without new taxes, I would. But the reality is we need … Continue reading

Legislative Update-Special Session Edition

May 4, 2015

Rep. Steve Tharinger

Legislative Update-Special Session Edition

The Special Session Begins   We started the special session this week with actually a fair amount of work getting done.  The major discussion around the biennial budget is still slow with not much progress but things are happening around the edges on marijuana revenue, nursing home rates and transportation. Yesterday, we had a robust presentation in the House Appropriations Committee on local and state school levy adjustments that was bicameral and bipartisan.  I would encourage you to watch the … Continue reading

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2015 Legislative Report

Feb. 22 speech on the House floor: Rep. Tharinger says women, not bureaucrats, should be able to make their own decisions about their bodies, their healthcare, and their lives.
House Environment Committee, March 27th Faith Matthews

House Environment Committee, March 27th

Rep. Tharinger and Blue Heron Middle School kids
House Floor Debate on EHB 1044 Aaron Barna

House Floor Debate on EHB 1044

Rep. Steve Tharinger, rally
 Suhyoon Cho
Rep. Tharinger and Jacob Lewis
Rep Steve Tharinger talks with kids from Blue Heron Middle School
Rep Steve Tharinger talks about HB 1292 on the House floor Steven M. Herppich

Rep Steve Tharinger talks about HB 1292 on the House floor

 Suhyoon Cho
Representative Steve Tharinger speaks during the Department of Corrections Day of Action Rally on the capitol steps.