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Oil throwing Washington agriculture off the tracks

House Democrats spent a significant amount of time last session analyzing the safety risks posed by oil train traffic and developing policy solutions to address the issue. While the problems remain very real, a new issue has come up regarding oil-by-rail: its effect on agriculture. Cold Train Express, one of the major movers of Washington state agricultural products based out of the Port of Quincy, has announced that they will no longer be shipping fruits, vegetables and other foodstuffs to … Continue reading

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It can wait

Texting while driving is dangerous. In fact, whatever you do in the car other than driving takes away from what’s happening on the road, and it can have devastating consequences. In 2011 390,000 people in the U.S. were killed or injured in an accident caused by distracted driving. So what can we do to make the roads safer? One big way is to limit phone distraction in the car. Lawmakers and law enforcement recognize this and, all but two states, … Continue reading

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Lawmakers call for ‘major overhaul’ of ferry management to restore public trust

Reps. Larry Seaquist, D-Gig Harbor, and Norma Smith, R-Clinton, both from heavily ferry-dependent legislative districts, released the following statement today in response to: Misinformation from Washington State Ferries (WSF) to the Legislature when a potential problem was brought to its attention by Reps. Smith and Seaquist in February 2014 regarding ramps to the upper car decks and the possible need for modifications on the new Olympic class of vessels. The continuing labor management issues within WSF, including overtime increases, manning … Continue reading

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Motorcyclists take note: new left turn law

Motorcyclists in Washington state who have been stuck idling at red lights cycle after cycle will have another option under a new law that went into effect last week. Many modern traffic lights are triggered by sensors buried under the asphalt. The most common sensors use magnetic fields to trigger the sensors, which works well for cars and trucks. Motorcycles, however, sometimes fail to trigger the senors. In these situations, riders are stopped for several minutes in the middle of … Continue reading

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Major 520 Work in June

The Eastside portion of the 520 project will reach a major milestone this summer – it’ll be mostly done by August/September. There will be punchlist work for some of the fall, but major disruptions should end. I know it’s been a bear of a project. Over the next few weeks you’ll see some major changes in traffic flow. I am sure it will be seriously aggravating. Closing the entire corridor for a year would have been worse. Letting it sink … Continue reading

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