Google Map: The true numbers behind the Democratic and Republican education plans

Democrats and Republicans have endorsed competing plans to fund education and satisfy the state Supreme Court’s McCleary decision. Both sides agree additional revenue sources are needed to meet the state’s obligations. But the two plans vary greatly in the total... READ MORE

The time for partisanship is over. Let’s negotiate.

By Timm Ormsby and Kristine Lytton The regular legislative session in Olympia has come and gone. Many bills were proposed, and negotiations between Democrats and Republicans ended in sound policy. Unlike Congress, the state Legislature has much less partisan conflict.... READ MORE

A fair solution to stay on track

For many of you getting your 2017 car tab bill, there was some sticker shock. The passage of Sound Transit 3 added an additional tax to the annual fee you pay with car registration. That is a heavy burden to... READ MORE

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