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State construction budget brings needed funds to Pickford Theater, San Juan Farmer’s Market

OLYMPIA – With the clock running out in Olympia, the House of Representatives passed a Capital Budget that includes two projects supported by local State Representative Jeff Morris (D – Mount Vernon), bringing an influx of funding and improving the quality of life in the 40th Legislative District.

The state Capital Budget supports infrastructural projects around the state – everything from school construction to park restoration. It spurs economic development, creating jobs, as well as sustaining historical monuments in Washington.

Often the projects that make it in the final budget originate from grassroots movements in communities across Washington. That’s where Rep. Morris first heard of the need at both the San Juan Island Farmer’s Market, and the historic Pickford Theater in Bellingham. “After a challenging legislative session during which we saw billions in funding cut out of the operating budget,” said Morris, “I’m pleased we were able to do some good back home and help maintain the old Theater and the Farmer’s Market on San Juan – two historic places that draw visitors from across the state and even nation.”

The Capital Budget includes $250,000 to restore the Pickford Theater in downtown Bellingham. The theater provides a venue for an eclectic array of independent and foreign movies.

$375,000 was also included to help purchase and restore a historic building for the permanent home for the San Juan Island Farmer’s Market.

Other projects funded in the capital budget include:

· Energy retrofit projects for school and university buildings

· New higher education buildings on university and college campuses

· Projects for Puget Sound restoration and improvement of fresh water quality

· Working family housing projects

· Increased toxic clean-up projects

· Assistance to small forest landowners

· Forest fire and forest disease prevention projects

· Public safety projects

“The Capital Budget is one of the highlights of each session,” added Morris. “It helps put people to work, improves our communities, and enriches the quality of life here in Washington. I was very glad to support these local projects.”

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