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Pollet urges disclosure of final sale prices for liquor

OLYMPIA: State Representative Gerry Pollet (D-North Seattle) is urging stores selling liquor to post the after-tax price to consumers in ads and on store shelves in order to avoid sticker shock at the check-out counter. After-tax prices were previously disclosed by state-operated liquor stores. If stores don’t voluntarily post the final price before the legislature reconvenes, Rep. Pollet announced that he will introduce legislation to require disclosure to consumers.

“The public shouldn’t have to bring a calculator to know the actual price for liquor under our new law,” said Rep. Pollet. “The liquor taxes are much higher than the grocery-store-standard sales tax and it’s deceiving for shoppers. This is a classic case for consumer disclosure.”

Currently, some retail chains are disclosing that prices do not include taxes while others are only listing the price before taxes. In certain cases the liquor tax can increase the final cost by up to fifty percent.

The Legislature does not convene until January, allowing time for retailers to voluntarily post after-tax liquor prices. In the meantime, Pollet urged that consumers talk to store managers and share their appreciation for establishments disclosing the final price.