Washington State House Democrats


Meet a new legislator: June Robinson, 38th District

The 2014 legislative session features several new members in the House of Representatives. One of the newest lawmakers in the House Democratic Caucus is Rep. June Robinson, whose 38th Legislative District includes Snohomish County communities of Everett, Marysville, and Tulalip. In mid-December, she was unanimously selected by the Snohomish County Council to finish the unexpired term of now-Sen. John McCoy, who had moved from the House to the other chamber to complete the unexpired term of a senator who had resigned.

June and her husband, Hilbert, live in Everett. Their two sons, Colin and Garret, are college-students.

The new representative grew up on a dairy farm in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Delaware. She later earned a Master’s in Public Health Degree from the University of Michigan. Her commitment to public service began on the international level right after her undergraduate college work: She joined the Peace Corps and spent three years in rural Jamaica, working as a public-health nutritionist.

June currently works at Public Health Seattle and King County, managing Community Health Worker programs that address chronic disease self-management for people living with asthma and diabetes. Formerly, June was a program director, and later a volunteer board member, for Migrant Health Promotion, a national organization that strives to alleviate health disparities in rural and disenfranchised communities. She also worked as a medical clinic manager and Director of Planning and Program Management at the Community Health Center of Snohomish County. Recently, she served as the Executive Director of the Housing Consortium of Everett and Snohomish County. June serves on the board of the Washington Low Income Housing Alliance, and she serves on both the Salary Commission and the Human Needs Committee for the City of Everett. She has volunteered with United Way of Snohomish County and in Everett Public Schools.

Here, Rep. June Robinson answers a few germane HDC Advance questions:

HDC Advance: What inspired you and convinced you to answer a calling to public service?

Rep. June Robinson: I have been interested in policy and politics for a long time, driven by a commitment to social justice issues.  Friends encouraged me to take the leap to seek elected office.

HDC Advance: What stands out for you so far in the Legislature?

Rep. June Robinson: Members of the House Democratic Caucus are genuinely welcoming and warm. The breadth of issues addressed is amazing.

HDC Advance: How do your legislative-committee assignments fit you and the 38th Legislative District?

Rep. June Robinson:  Community Development, Housing and Tribal Affairs is directly applicable as I represent the Tulalip Tribes. Capital Budget will allow me to understand and advocate for the capital needs of the cities and organizations in my district.  Government Operations and Elections affects the business of Snohomish County and the cities of Everett and Marysville.

HDC Advance: What are your preferred social media in communicating most effectively with your constituents?

Rep. June Robinson: I use Facebook and twitter and look forward to communicating with constituents through these channels.