Washington State House Democrats


Santos bill to fight small business fraud clears the House

 The Washington State House of Representatives approved a bill on Wednesday, HB 1674, that gives authority to the Office of Minority and Women’s Business (OMWBE) to investigate fraud and catch companies that exploit a system meant to protect women and minorities.

The bill, sponsored by Rep. Sharon Tomiko Santos of Seattle, aims to end abuse of state and federal programs that are designed to level the playing field for disadvantaged small businesses.

“This is a very real situation in Washington,” said Santos in support of the bill. “This bill will ensure fair playing field for all the honest contractors who live in your community and my community.”

“In Washington state, we value rewarding businesses and individuals that have worked hard and played fair,” said Santos. “Unfortunately, there are some who hurt others and cheat taxpayers by rigging the system for their own advantage and those companies need to be held accountable for their actions.”

HB 1674 will be sent to the Senate for consideration.