Washington State House Democrats


House of Representatives floor discussion

As of Wednesday afternoon, Feb. 12, Rep. Robinson has several prime-sponsored measures moving right along in the process. Three of them have cleared the House of Representatives and several others are in the House Rules Committee awaiting the scheduling of floor action. Here, so far, are her successful proposals:

    • House Bill 2215, which would revise election laws regarding local issues, passed the House, 98-0.
    • House Bill 2276, which would save money for schools seeking to provide services for more students, also passed the House, 98-0.
    • House Bill 2301, which would clear up budgeting questions concerning Snohomish County government, passed the House 90-8.
Before joining in floor discussion one recent morning, Rep. June Robinson and Rep. Luis Moscoso take a few moments to review legislative measures. The proposals that the two lawmakers were going over were about to come up for final consideration before the full House of Representatives.