Washington State House Democrats


Ortiz-Self statement on Washington DREAM Act bill signing

State Rep. Lillian Ortiz-Self (D-Mukilteo) released the following statement on Governor Jay Inslee signing the DREAM Act into law this afternoon:

 Aaron Barna

“Washington has taken important steps over the past decade to grow our own well-trained, well-educated workforce and satisfy the demands of the business community. The DREAM Act is another strategic move in this endeavor toward prosperity.

“The enactment of the DREAM Act does not make promises or guarantees, and it certainly does not grant anybody special rights or opportunities. These students, who call Washington home and whose undocumented immigration status is due to no fault of their own, will have to compete for financial aid just like everyone else.

“The chance to get on a pathway to higher education will motivate all the students in our K-12 system—who aspire to give back to their families and their communities—to work hard and excel academically.  All the money, time and effort the state has invested in their education will pay off in the form of a skilled workforce.

“This law gives all Washington students the chance to fulfill their dreams of becoming the teachers, nurses, doctors and engineers our state needs to continue making strides toward full economic recovery.”