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Rep. Springer proves government does work!

 Steven M. HerppichJohn Bagge is a caterer from Kirkland.  He works big events, sometimes two or three days in length.  And as a caterer John isn’t allowed to provide alcohol.  He came to his State Representative, Larry Springer, a fellow small business owner.  Springer thought this current situation seemed unfair and set about to make a change.

Last night, in a 44-4 vote, the Senate followed the House in passing HB 2680, allowing caterers to provide alcohol at events.

“One of the biggest complaints people have about government is that we never get anything done, or, it takes too long,” said Springer.  “John came to me with this problem late November. And today, we’ve fixed it.  This common-sense fix is proof that government actually does work!”

Under current law caterers are allowed to serve alcohol at events, but not provide the alcohol they serve.  HB 2680 permits caterers to apply for a liquor license.  If the business obtains one, then the caterer will be permitted to sell liquor.

“Caterers have been hit hard by the recession,” said Bagge. “I am grateful to Rep. Springer for changing the law. It will give me and other caterers across the state the opportunity to bring in more business and increase profits.”

The bill now heads to Governor Jay Inslee’s desk for his signature.