Washington State House Democrats


HDC Hot Sheet: Week 3

Good afternoon – It’ll be another busy week in the House for Week 3. Joel’s Law, $12 minimum wage, paid sick & safe leave, breakfast after the bell, the Early Start Act, marijuana taxation, and the first 2013-15 supplemental operating budget are all scheduled for public hearings. Monday’s floor session will be pro forma. We will celebrate National Guard Day during the 10 a.m. floor session on Friday. As always, items listed are subject to change.

Go Hawks!


Monday, January 26, 2015

Commerce & Gaming 1:30 pm
Public Hearing:
HB 1343 – Concerning spirits retailers when selling for resale.
HB 1552 – Concerning industrial hemp.

Education 1:30 pm
Public Hearing:
HB 1149 – Providing for educational data on students from military families.
HB 1240 – Concerning restraint or isolation of students, including students with disabilities, in public schools.
HB 1293 – Concerning paraeducators.

Labor 1:30 pm
Public Hearing:
HB 1354 – Concerning the employee antiretaliation act.
HB 1355 – Increasing the minimum hourly wage to twelve dollars over four years.
HB 1356 – Establishing minimum standards for sick and safe leave from employment.

Appropriations 3:30 pm
Public Hearing:
HB 1258 – Concerning court review of detention decisions under the involuntary treatment act.
HB 1105 – Making 2015 supplemental operating appropriations (proposed substitute bill.)

Transportation 3:30 pm
Work Session: Governor Inslee’s requested proposals for transportation revenue, bonds, and budget.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Public Safety 8:00 am
Public Hearing: HB 1320 – Creating an identicard program for certain incarcerated offenders.

Business & Financial Services 8:00 am
Public Hearing: HB 1176 – Concerning pawnbroker fees and interest rates.

Health Care & Wellness 8:00 am
Public Hearing: HB 1042 – Clarifying that the physical therapist scope of practice does not include dry needling.

Agriculture & Natural Resources 10:00 am
Public Hearing: HB 1131 – Concerning ivory and rhinoceros horn trafficking.(Continued from January 20.)

State Government 10:00 am
Work Session: Voter Turnout.
Public Hearing:
HB 1143 – Allowing voters to return a voted ballot and signed declaration by fax or email.
HB 1228 – Requiring fiscal impact statements for ballot measures.
HB 1229 – Requiring more official information about initiatives.

Commerce & Gaming 1:30 pm
Public Hearing:
HB 1362 – Allowing sales of growlers of wine.
HB 1457 – Authorizing sixteen and seventeen year old store employees to handle liquor.

Education 1:30 pm
Public Hearing:HB 1295 – Concerning breakfast after the bell programs.

Environment 1:30 pm
Public Hearing: HB 1314 – Implementing a carbon pollution market program to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

State Government 8:00 am
Public Hearing:
HB 1136 – Concerning employment after public service in state government.
HB 1364 – Establishing a citizens’ initiative review pilot program.
Judiciary 8:00 am
Public Hearing: HB 1451 – Regarding civil commitment.

Health Care & Wellness 1:30 pm
Public Hearing: HB 1339 – Allowing the secretary of health to intercede and stay any decision of a disciplining authority that expands scope of practice.

Higher Education 1:30 pm
Public Hearing: HB 1154 – Creating the affordable college for everyone grant contract program.

Public Safety 1:30 pm
Public Hearing: HB 1175 – Creating a penalty for concealing the source of a campaign contribution.

Transportation 3:30 pm
Public Hearing: HB 1180 – Concerning dedicated funding sources for high capacity transportation service.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Education 8:00 am
Work Session: Student discipline

Labor 8:00 am
Public Hearing:
HB 1273 – Implementing family and medical leave insurance.
HB 1163 – Concerning paid vacation leave.

Agriculture & Natural Resources 1:30 pm
Work Session: State forest fire response and recovery through the lens of the Carleton Complex fire.

Early Learning & Human Services 1:30 pm
Public Hearing:HB 1491 – Improving quality in the early care and education system.

State Government 1:30 pm
Public Hearing:
HB 1144 – Extending the time period for voter registration.
HB 1210 – Concerning poll-site voting and voting identification requirements.
HB 1294 – Enhancing youth voter registration.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Finance 8:00 am
Work Session: Recent Developments and Issues with Respect to Marijuana Taxation.

Health Care & Wellness – 11:00 am
Public Hearing:
HB 1365 – Requiring universal screening and provider payment for autism and developmental delays for children in medicaid programs.
HB 1403 – Regarding telemedicine.
HB 1437 – Modifying the all payer claims database to improve health care quality and cost transparency by changing provisions related to definitions regarding data, reporting and pricing of products, responsibilities of the office of financial management and the lead organization, submission to the database, and parameters for release of information.

Public Safety 11:00 am
Public Hearing: HB 1281 – Concerning the sexual exploitation of minors.