Washington State House Democrats


Walkinshaw’s opioid antagonist bill clears House

OLYMPIA – Lawmakers in Olympia passed a bill on Monday that would allow third party providers to have opioid antagonists on hand to help reverse the effect of a heroin overdose.

“We are seeing a very concerning uptick in heroin use and overdoses around the entire state,” said Walkinshaw. “This bill will allow first responders, community providers, and family members to have life-saving drugs on hand for someone experiencing a heroin overdose. In short, this bill will save lives.”

“This idea was brought to me by a constituent with family members who have struggled with heroin addiction. It further demonstrates how everyone can and should be a part of the democratic process to make their communities better,” said Walkinshaw.

Under current law, access to heroin overdose drugs like Narcan is restricted to licensed health care professionals and those with prescriptions. Walkinshaw’s bill will expand access to those that interact with heroin users on a regular basis, like first responders, homeless shelters, and family members.

The bill passed out of the House of Representatives 96-1. It now goes to the Senate for further consideration.