Washington State House Democrats


Reproductive Health Act Approved by House

OLYMPIA – For the fourth year in a row, the Washington State House of Representatives has approved legislation that would support personal privacy and reproductive freedom for all Washingtonians. The Reproductive Health Act passed the State House of Representatives with a vote of 51-46 today.

“Everyone should be in charge of their own health care decisions, men and women,” said Rep. Eileen Cody, the prime sponsor of the bill. “The Reproductive Health Act corrects the outdated and confusing rules surrounding health care coverage for reproductive services and leaves health decisions in the hands of the people affected, not employers or special interests.”

The RHA requires health carriers to cover contraceptives without cost-sharing, to cover voluntary pregnancy termination services if maternity care or services are covered, and requires a literature review on disparities to access to reproductive health.

“This is something I care a lot about, because of the women in my life. I care about being fair, and that’s what this is about, being fair,” said Rep. Dean Takko.

“Every day we rely on women to make the best choices for their families,” Rep. Tana Senn. “The least we can do is to trust women to make decisions that are right for their own health, not the choices of other women. Let’s make sure we’re moving our state forward and not back.”

The bill now moves to the State Senate for their consideration.