Washington State House Democrats


Statement from Rep. Jim Moeller on House passage of Reproductive Health Act and Equal Pay Opportunity Act

“Women make decisions every day for themselves and their families: How to handle difficult situations in the workplace, priorities for the household budget, managing the family’s educational and medical needs. Why would we limit their choice when it comes to their own health care decisions? It makes no sense. We should trust women on the issue of reproductive health just like we trust them on every other decision they make. All health care decisions, including this one, need to remain where they have always been – between a doctor and their patient. The differences between the Democratic House and the Republican Senate could not be clearer. As we passed this bill the Senate passed their bill on parental notification.

I support the Reproductive Health Act because every person should have the access to care they need. Every person should be able to get that access immediately and not have to wait for an enrollment period so they can change to a plan that has their coverage. People deserve access, they deserve it now, and that’s why I voted yes on HB 1647.

Likewise, we need to strive to end the gender wage gap. Countless studies confirm the wage gap is real:  women get paid less than men, in almost all fields in almost all industries. It is not limited to low wage earners, it is not limited to women who take career breaks to start families, it is not limited to specific ethnicities. Women are paid less than men.

The Equal Pay Opportunity Act gives all employees protections to discuss their compensation, creating transparency in the workplace and helps employees determine if they’re being paid unfairly. This is not about forcing employers to pay people above their worth, only to treat employees fairly and to end a discrimination that has gone on for far too long. I am proud to have cast my vote in support of equal pay.”