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Letters from elementary school students: Sydney on drunk driving

 Students at Cedar Wood Elementary give their opinion on issues to Rep. Hans Dunshee. Photo by teacher Barbara Tibbits.
Students at Cedar Wood Elementary give their opinion on issues to Rep. Hans Dunshee. Photo by teacher Barbara Tibbits.

Dear Representative Dunchee,

One day I was at my friend’s house, and her babysitter, Hannah told me a very sad story.  One day, her mom was walking to a middle school dance with her best friend.  While they were walking, a drunk driver came in and hit her friend.  She had to watch her get flung into the air and die before her eyes.  I think that it is horrible that innocent lives are lost every day.

One reason I think that drunk driving laws should be stricter is because people can go back out drunk driving again after their consequence. Most of the time when someone gets hit by a drunk driver, the person has already had one or two DUI’s/ DWI’s. The person should’ve learned by then.  Also, the licence is only suspended for 90 days to a year.  If a drunk driver’s license got suspended for 90 days, when they get their licence back, they can go right back out drunk driving again!  Last, if you drive under influence you have to pass an alcohol education class. You have to pass the class and get your licence unsuspended.  I think that you should have to pass the alcohol education class and have to go back to drivers education.  Also, you would need to pass the driving test to get back your licence.

Another reason drunk driving laws should be stricter in Washington is because drunk drivers can kill innocent people.  According to nydailynews.com, a boy named Dylan Perry died from his injuries when he was in the car with his stepfather, Anthony Polodore (age 65) who crashed into a light pole one morning.  Anthony’s blood level was measured as 0.094, well over the limit of 0.08.  Anthony was obviously drunk while driving.  Two other kids were in the car with Dylan Perry and his stepfather during this incident.  Five year old Kyle Polodore, and 12 year old Alex Perry.  Sadly, none of the kids were wearing seatbelts, the effect being Kyle have been thrown to the front of the car.  It was a miracle little Kyle did not suffer with any injuries.  12 year old Alex Perry sadly suffered from minor injuries in his leg.  Eventually, people realized that Anthony had already had two DWI convictions from 2004 and 2009.  Anthony was described as a “Nice Gentleman,” but he made a fatal mistake that caused a life.

Last, in other countries, there are very strict drunk driving laws.  If you have any alcohol related offence, and you are an American, then you will be turned away at the Canadian border.  The only way you can enter Canada is if you get special permission.  Also, if you try to lie to the people that let you in Canada about having a DUI, then you will get banned from Canada for many years! According to ezborder.com, another Canadian drunk driving rule is that it doesn’t matter if you are a passenger in someone’s car, you still won’t be able to enter Canada.

What do you want to do?  Do you want to sit back and watch innocent lives end because of the people who drink and drive, or do you want to be the person to put an end to this tragedy and make stricter laws for drinking and driving?  I hope that you will put an end to this. Will you be that person?