Washington State House Democrats


Rep. Pat Sullivan and Rep. Reuven Carlyle response to Senate Republican Budget Release

R’s rely on “…gimmicks, gambles and a lot of marijuana.”

“House Democrats proposed a sustainable budget that began fixing our unfair tax system while making critical, ongoing investments in education, mental health care and other vital services.

“Unfortunately, Senate Republicans have given us an unsustainable budget that relies on gimmicks, gambles and a lot of marijuana. It is a budget that barely provides short-term relief to long-term problems.

“Their proposal shifts money from one program to another to make it appear the budget has more money; hopes for unrealistic improvements in tax and fee collections; and underfunds broken programs like our mental health system, to name just a few budgetary maneuvers.

“Senate Republicans also slash the concept of public transparency by unveiling their budget and then hearing it in committee less than three hours after it was first seen.  House Democrats – after listening to concerns of House Republicans – delayed a budget hearing so that more people could comment.

Regarding revenue, the Senate Republicans’ budget teeters on the hope that thousands more people will start and continue using marijuana, by assuming hundreds of millions more in pot taxes than anyone expects. We shouldn’t be banking on increased drug use to fund the state’s budget.

“In contrast, House Democrats rely on proven revenue sources that will reliably fund our commitments to education for many years to come.

“It’s also concerning that Senate Republicans have voted for $15 billion in taxes for concrete, but won’t consider a tenth of that amount for kids. The problems we see today in our need for ongoing investments and in our unfair tax system aren’t going away because the Senate chooses to ignore them.”