Washington State House Democrats


Rep. Robinson’s statement on recent spike in vaccination rates

“The Seattle Times recently reported the great news that measles vaccination rates have increased over 27% in Washington in the last few months.

“I am proud to have used my experience in public health to have brought the issue of vaccinations forward this year with my bill, House Bill 2009, which would have removed the personal exemption for immunization requirements.

“Although my bill did not make it through the legislature, it drove a discussion about immunizations in our state. Public conversations about the effectiveness and safety of vaccinations are valuable and often serve to increase vaccination rates. It is great to see that so many parents have paid attention to the conversations happening at the legislature and around our state and stepped up to protect their children against infectious diseases.

“Parents are weighing all of their options and deciding to vaccinate for the health of their children and the health of our communities.

“The discussion surrounding immunizations always reaches a peak during outbreaks, like the recent measles outbreak originating in Disneyland. Immunizations are all about prevention, so even after the news stories fade, it is important that we keep working to prevent future cases of infectious diseases and keep the public conversation about immunizations alive.

“I look forward to continuing my work to increase vaccination rates across our state in the coming months.  I know that by listening and working together we can find solutions to keep our children and our communities healthy and safe from infectious disease outbreaks.”