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Rep. Lytton appointed to state water task force

OLYMPIA – Rep. Kristine Lytton (D-Anacortes) has been appointed to a task force looking at storm water, flood control, and water supply issues that have reached crisis levels throughout the state.

The Interim Task Force on Washington Waters will provide the next legislative session with information on funding and funding sources to address these water issues, and how best to use the money for projects throughout the state.

“I’m pleased to be appointed to the task force,” Lytton said. “Water is one of the state’s most important commodities: From agricultural needs to clean drinking water, fish habitat to storm water run-off, we need to address a variety of complex issues to ensure our water systems work for all.”

As vice chair of the Agriculture & Natural Resources Committee, Lytton has been working on water-related issues throughout the state and particularly in her district where water shortages are impacting river levels and residential construction.

The Interim Task Force on Washington Waters was created through the Capital Budget and is made up of five Democratic members and five Republican members.

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