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Rep. Morris Lauds Improvements to State Route 20

WSDOT recently completed a series of improvements to State Route 20 between Anacortes and Burlington. Representative Jeff Morris (D-Mount Vernon), who has been working for the last decade to improve traffic along the highway, has praised the new system.

“I applaud Secretary Lynn Peterson for her recent decision to rework the traffic signaling along Highway 20 from Sharpes Corner to Reservation Road,” said Morris. “I am excited to see cost-effective technology advance enough to implement these changes.”

This stretch of highway has long been a source of significant congestion and carbon emissions from idling vehicles. These problems became more acute with the addition of two new traffic signals in recent years.

“I grew up in Anacortes. I know the congestion and red light triggering has been very frustrating for folks who have lived here for some time,” said Morris.

These traffic signals are now equipped with cameras and connected to WSDOT’s central signal system. This use of technology allows more frequent adjustments to the signal timing to ensure they are optimized to current traffic conditions. Camera views are also available to the public on WSDOT’s web site www.wsdot.wa.gov.

Many factors are considered when adjusting signal timing including: vehicle counts directional volumes, intersection spacing, and travel speeds. The goal is to progress all traffic through the corridor as efficiently as possible. Signal timing changes can be subtle; but, Morris expects drivers will realize overall travel time savings.

“This will improve traffic flow and reduce the amount of air pollution in the 40th District.”