Washington State House Democrats


Rep. Ryu elected chair of Community Development, Housing and Tribal Affairs

OLYMPIA—Rep. Cindy Ryu (D-Shoreline) is the new chair of the House Community Development, Housing and Tribal Affairs Committee, which also oversees efforts to help veterans and boost tourism in Washington state.

“It’s an honor to help veterans, fight for affordable housing and create jobs by boosting tourism,” Ryu said. “I also look forward to working with tribes in every corner of Washington state on ways to move forward, together, to give our children and grandchildren a better life.”

Housing is a growing problem in Washington state, especially in King County, with working families and the middle class finding it hard to even get an apartment they can afford.

“There’s nothing more basic to the American Dream than having an affordable home in a safe neighborhood with good schools,” Ryu said. “The lack of affordable homes, and skyrocketing rent for apartments, is making people spend more and more of their day commuting to work or school. My hope is we can come together, as Democrats and Republicans, citizens and business leaders, to find solutions.”

Ryu is a 46-year resident of Washington, previously lived in South Korea, Brunei and the Philippines and has visited countries in Asia, Europe, and South America.  Ryu has a bachelor’s degree in science and an MBA in operations management, both from the University of Washington.

She was elected mayor of Shoreline in 2008, becoming the first female Korean-American mayor in America, and has served as president of the Shoreline Chamber of Commerce.