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Statement from Rep. June Robinson on Boeing’s announcement to eliminate jobs

February 10, 2016

Statement from Rep. June Robinson on Boeing’s announcement to eliminate jobs

OLYMPIA – Rep. June Robinson has issued the following statement in response to Wednesday’s announcement that Boeing will eliminate jobs in Washington. The announcement comes less than a week after the House Finance Committee voted down House Bill 2638, sponsored by Robinson, which would tie jobs to the historic aerospace tax break passed by the legislature in 2013.

I am greatly disappointed that once again our state is losing aerospace jobs. When the legislature passed the historically large tax break in 2013, it was done with the understanding that it would keep aerospace industry jobs in Washington.

“Unfortunately, since that time, the investment that Washingtonians have made in Boeing in the form of a tax break, has been met with announcement after announcement that Boeing jobs are decreasing in our state. Whether the jobs are moving to other states, overseas or just evaporating, the taxpayers deserve to see a return on their investment.

“I introduced common-sense legislation to hold Boeing accountable to the taxpayers of Washington by requiring that job growth occur in order for Boeing to continue taking advantage of the tax exemption. But, under pressure from corporate interests, the bill did not have enough votes to pass out of committee.

“On behalf of all of Washington’s taxpayers and families, we need to keep working to demand tougher accountability measures for aerospace tax breaks.”