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Moscoso receives Fuse “Legislator of the Week” Award

The progressive organization Fuse named Representative Luis Moscoso it’s “Legislator of the Week” for his on the Washington Voting Rights Act, which would provide a swifter path to justice for communities that have been disenfranchised in local government elections.

Below is an excerpt from Fuse’s announcement. You can read the full write up here.

The state House passed HB 1745, which would help fix outdated and discriminatory election systems and ensure fair representation. It would also increase civic participation in populations that have been historically underrepresented in local government. The bill establishes a process to challenge local voting systems that disenfranchise communities. The process is quicker, easier, and less expensive than going through federal courts.

“Rep. Luis Moscoso is a leading advocate to ensure every Washingtonian’s voice and vote are heard,” said Collin Jergens, Communications Director of Fuse Washington. “His work will ensure that all communities, regardless of race, have an equal opportunity to participate in our democracy.”