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Local governments may be allowed to enter the 21st century

springer0216OLYMPIA – In an effort to streamline processes, the state House has approved legislation to allow local governments to use electronic signatures and records. HB 2427, sponsored by Rep. Larry Springer (D-Kirkland), would authorize local agencies, which include counties, cities, towns, and special purpose districts, to accept electronic signatures as if they were done by hand. It does not, however, require local agencies to accept electronic signatures.

“We hear about government trying to reduce paper and move toward a digital environment,” explained Springer. “For that to become reality, local government must have the opportunity to accept electronic signatures.”

The bill also would permit local government to use electronic technology for procurement processes, freeing staff from having to manage, circulate, and store paper documents.

“Hard copies and written signatures are so yesterday,” said Springer. “Let’s welcome local governments to the 21st century.”

HB 2417 was approved by the House on a 95-2 vote and now moves to the state Senate for further consideration.